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market guild 2

Some links for projects we are working on.

    1. Blockchain News - (Leading Publication for Blockchain and ICO industries)
    2. Blockchain Partners - (won contract for Blockchain Education with Oracle in 2017, conducted over 50 classes live, remote using Cisco Webex technology with partner Dr. Christian Seberino).
    3. Token.Agency - (Full Service ICO agency)
    4. Blockchain Accelerator Academy - - London's first blockchain accelerator
    5. BlockchainYellowPages - (Resource for ICO/Tokenomics/Blockchain industries)
    6. Cryptoasset Design Group - (ICO Advisory Agency)
    7. Tokenomicon - (Event focussed on Tokenomics)
    8. VentureCrypto - (company focussing on high-level ICO investment - we currently have a deal room with 12 projects)
    9. Blockchain Party - (site set up to help Blockchain Political Parties with technology - globally).
    10. Token.News - (publication to be focussed on post-ICO success stories and Tokenomics and build publishing group into niche brands like,, etc.)